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we’re all very meticulous about the small details…. well, except for Rydel

"you know what I’m saying?"
— ross in every interview  (via rikable)

Slam. The sound of cab doors. Many cab doors. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, taking in being in New York again. New York City. I opened my eyes and smiled. I love it here. It’s more of a home than Virginia ever was. I spend a lot of my time here. I’d say about 97%, with my dad.

My parents got divorced when I was 11. It was hard for me. They’d always be fighting or arguing, every single day. I would just go up in my room and read or maybe work on my singing, I’ve always wanted to be a singer. Anyway, I’d do that but it’d never help. I could still hear harsh words being exchanged and slamming of doors and other stuff.

I think I was a little too young at that time to understand what was happening. I mean I did, but I didn’t, you know. My mom would always say it was nothing, but when she looked at me- oh man.. When she looked at me, I could see pain, regret, sorrow, everything in her eyes. It hurt me so bad.

My dad moved out soon after the divorce. He moved to New York City and got a job as a pharmacist. My mom is a vet. Anyhow, my mom would always send me to visit him because she knew we were close. Which I’m close to my mom too. Very close. Leaving her alone was hard, but then I knew she wouldn’t be alone because her friends always come over, which is comforting.

Skipping small details, needless to say I was depressed as a kid. Always put other people first but never really took care of my own feelings, which caught up with me. Big time. It was so bad. I was in school at the time (I’m graduated now! :D) in Virginia and I was always the outcast. Everyday I would get picked on, harassed about every single flaw, everything. Well, one day a blonde boy about 6” with a beautiful smile stood up for me. This was when I was in 9th grade and he was in 11th. He’s been my best friend ever since.

His name is Ross. We’ve grown so close since that day, he always goes to New York and we hang out the whole 3 months I’m there. I can tell him anything. He was there for me during my depression. He knew all the right ways to help too. He cured me, made me happier, I can never thank him enough.

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#louder Sound Check


#louder Sound Check

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As you know the new single is out, why not promote it, get it high on the charts and more fans?? I know some might not want more fans buuuut, it’s good for them.

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I have all 50 state major radio station numbers, twitters, etc. right here in front of me, but I figured I’d save the flooding of the tag to just put a few and if you want to know any others, for example you live in California, and you want all major/popular radio stations, I have some :) just ask x

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Pass Me By (Official Video Teaser #2 )

I know it’s not tomorrow and such.. But it’s great! Disney might have issues with ross saying damn ;) But it’s amazing!